The Bucks for the Boys System
The Bucks for the Boys System
The Bucks for the Boys System

The Bucks for the Boys System

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We are constantly battling with a sustainable way to monetize the podcast to pay the bills and do cool stuff without going broke.

We don't want to be shoving a new tee down your throats twice an episode. Of course, we will still sell merch, but we want those releases to be limited and not put out just to make a buck. Also, we refuse to go behind a paywall or use a third-party subscription-based service as we know it's a pain in the ass, and we don't like the idea of forcing people to pay for us to babble on for hours.

Anyone who listens to the podcast realizes that we'll be instantly demonetized once we can monetize our YouTube. Because Chuck can't keep his language under control. What is our solution?


Yes, Bucks for the Boys will help our monetization problems. This is the value-for-value model of podcast monetization invented by the podcast father himself, Adam Curry. We try to provide value for you guys by putting a few hours of content together weekly, doing events, vlogs, etc. Is this worth anything at all to you!? If not okay, just keep listening and spread the word. If you find value in what we do, why not kick the boys a few bucks to keep this ship afloat?!

The Bucks For The Boys system.

A monthly donation will get you the following.

$2.00 - We mention you as an anonymous donation on our show!
$5.00 - We say your name on the show as a contributor!
$10.00 - We mention your name on the show and read a message you've sent.
$20.00 - You're a producer of the show. We will mention your name and read your message. You might even get unique gifts in the mail.

Lastly, you guys have always provided value when you hit us up with hot automotive news, callbacks, great questions, or Chuck system victories. Please keep this up! You're not only great listeners, but you are also a part of it!

We love you and thank you for your continued support!

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